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Frequently Asked Questions

Splinx is an online platform that connects disabled people and their families to professionals dedicated to disability and special needs. Our platform allows you to search for a variety of professionals that match your specific needs.
We want to create an online community where disabled people and their families can find the help they need in a secure and reliable way. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to be in control, involved and have the choice on the right care that they need.

Splinx welcomes a variety of professionals that provide educational, health and care services for disabled people and their families. These are the professional that can currently register with us:

If you are a professional offering services to disabled people and their families but are not currently on this list, we would be happy to hear from you and add your profession to the list. You can contact us here.

Absolutely not! Splinx matching service is free for professionals, disabled people and their families. We want you to find the help you need for free, quickly and efficiently. No need for intermediaries or highly expensive agencies, you can do it!

Splinx is here to facilitate the way disabled people and their families connect with the professionals they need. We consider a variety of educational, health and care professionals that have qualifications and/or relevant experience working with disability and special needs. This is how it works:
For disabled people and their families looking for professionals:

  1. Join Splinx.
  2. Create your profile.
  3. Search, filter and match up with professionals based on your preferences such as location, qualifications and pay rate.
  4. Get access to the professional’s profile.
  5. Contact the professional you need!

For professionals looking for clients:

  1. Join Splinx as a professional.
  2. Create your profile.
  3. Receive a message on your Splinx account when someone matches your profile and is interested in hiring you as a professional.
  4. Get a new client!

Splinx emerged from our founder Vera’s personal experience working with disabled people and their families. In many cases, the public services offer is not enough to help disabled people achieve their full potential leading them to seek support from private professionals. Her daily contact with these families made her realise that finding the professionals that match the particular requirements of individuals with disabilities and special needs can be time-consuming, costly and overall a frustrating process.
These situation sparked an idea! To create a free online platform that acts as a central hub, where disabled people and their families can easily find the professionals that suit their needs, through automated search criteria, making the whole process much easier and efficient for everyone.

It's very easy to register and create an account as a professional or as a person looking for a professional. To register, you will need the following details:

  1. Full Name
  2. E-mail Address
  3. Post Code

Once you have registered, your profile will be created. You can then fill out and answer all of the required fields and questions to build your profile. Click here to register now.

Your e-mail address is essential for you to log in to your Splinx account. It will also be used to send out your log-in questionnaire if you were logged out and can’t remember your password. We will also utilize your email address to send you updates, our newsletter, and other marketing information.

You are more than welcome to opt out of the e-mail updates, newsletters and other marketing emails that we send. On the bottom of the e-mail thread, click the unsubscribe button, and your e-mail address will be taken out of the list.

Splinx does not employ the professionals registered with us. We only aim to be the bridge that connects you with the professionals you need. Therefore, it is your responsibility to assure that the candidate has a DBS. We do however make sure to ask all professionals if they have a prior DBS clearance and highlight it on their profile so that you have the option to filter through profiles that have DBS check clearance. As these professionals will potentially be working with children or vulnerable people, we strongly recommend that you always ask to see a DBS check before you hire any professional. You can read more about DBS here.

Splinx is dedicated to the assurance of safety towards people with disability, families and the professionals that we serve. We had laid out our Terms and Conditions (T&C) and Privacy policy that describe online etiquette to follow while using our website or app. If any misconduct is reported, proper protocols and actions are set in place to solve any issues. Please refer to Splinx’s T&C and Privacy Policy for more information.

Here at Splinx, our primary goal is for you to find the right professional that fully meets your needs. Therefore we recommend:

  1. To initiate prior conversations through our Splinx messaging system.
  2. Set-up a phone interview and pre-screening with the professional.
  3. Schedule a date for an in-person interview/consultation.
  4. Set up your questions and consider the job requirements that are important to you.
  5. Check all the professional's documents and certifications.
  6. During the interview, make sure to get to know your professional and allow your professional to get to know you as well.

You can read more in detail what to do after you have made a match here.

This is a great question! As a professional, it is best to be transparent and showcase what you are looking for and can truly offer. To be successful, we recommend you to:

  1. Fully complete your profile.
  2. If you have a current DBS clearance, make sure to check the box.
  3. Upload an updated CV.
  4. Be clear on what your certifications are and make sure to provide a copy upon request.
  5. If you have worked with other clients who are members of Splinx, you can ask them to write you a review.
  6. Be clear with your schedule, level of experience, location and distance if you are willing to travel.

Our Splinx matching platform is currently only connecting people based in the UK. Ultimately, our goal is to make sure that disabled people and their families can connect globally. If you are based outside of the UK, we still welcome you to join our website so that you can follow our progress and get to know when we open Splinx in your country.

Splinx is dedicated to providing help and accessibility towards disabled people and their families, which includes information and resources. At the moment, we utilize our blog as a tool for resources, education and hopefully a way to communicate new types of educational and therapeutic approaches. We also aim to provide talks, vlogs, and lectures to help shed light to new advancements and technology in the industry, and potentially create events and meetups in the future where people with disability and their families can connect with other members and professionals.

Here at Splinx, we value each professional and want to make sure that you are well equipped with the things that you will need to be a successful professional. We will utilize our blog, newsletter (via email) and social media to send out helpful tips to get you prepared and be successful in landing a client and setting up your own business. We also aim to one-day offer lectures, classes, webinars and continuing education for you to utilize. We want to be a bank of resources for you to succeed. Make sure to join us to subscribe on our newsletter, follow us on our social media pages and check our blog for information.

Yes, we are! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

You can delete your account with Splinx anytime. To cancel your account with us, you will need to go to your account settings and select "Delete Account". There will be an exit survey that will pop-up before deleting your profile. Please take your time to answer and provide us some feedback on how we can better improve our service.

The professionals that you are matched with are not employed by Splinx and do not undergo any specialised training or have to submit any requirements by us. All the professionals are independent and are solely responsible for their actions both on and off the platform. Splinx advises you to always verify the professional's DBS, qualifications and references before you hire them.

We are always looking for amazing contributors who are willing to share their expertise, research, professional experience or personal stories and be a guest blog contributor at our page. If you’re interested and want to get involved, please email us at info@splinx.co.uk.

We love sharing inspirational stories and highlighting our members on our blog and social media accounts. If you’re interested in sharing your story and be highlighted, please send us an email through info@splinx.co.uk or connect with us throughout our social media channels.

If you have any questions or are in need of assistance in regards to your account, you may reach us at info@splinx.co.uk or send us a message on our social media channels. We will try to assist you and answer your questions as soon as we can, but please allow seven business days for us to respond.

Join us and change the way you connect!

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Having trouble finding a professional
dedicated to disability and special needs?
Splinx can help you with that!

Finding the ideal professional to work with you
can be extremely difficult, expensive and
time-consuming. However receiving the help...

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